Lady Gray’s Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime

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You’re engaged! Congratulations lovely!!! Welcome to Lady Gray’s ultimate beauty checklist for brides-to-be.


Let’s think skin! Managing your stress is key. No amount of Lady Gray tips and recommendations is going to be able to beat the damage stress has on our skin and bodies.


Excess anxiety can disrupt your sleep leading to less beauty sleep. Lady Gray says “Oh that just won’t do” and recommends apps such as Calm and Headspace for their guided meditation and sleep stories.


Begin looking at your skin needs. Don’t know where to start? Book a skin consultation with us at Lady Gray we will assess your current complexion and we can help you to devise a strategy for achieving your dream-skin goals! Some topical products and treatments can take time-up to several months hence why the game plan starts now!


Meal Planning and Getting Fit

If you’re lucky enough to have a trainer on the wedding payroll alongside the planner, caterer, and florist, then GO YOU! However, researching nutrition and taking the time to improve your fitness can be very empowering, and improved self-esteem can go a long way when planning a wedding. Additionally, improving your core strength will also improve your posture and how you will feel walking down the aisle!


Come up with a hair colour game plan!

The general rule of thumb for big-day colour shifts—whether you’re going lighter or darker—is to stay within two shades of your natural hue. But no matter what colour you want, planning is imperative. You should start planning your hair color as soon as you know how your hair will be styled for the wedding. You should also plan to get your hair touched up seven to 10 days before the wedding to ensure it looks its best.


Makeup- The things to consider

Lady Gray’s biggest piece of advice for brides is to stay away from extremes of any kind, nothing should jump, so that means no overly strong anything. It’s about balance and softness. Want to rock a red lip for your wedding? Okay. But keep the lip line soft and undefined.

Finding the right makeup artist

Bridal Specialist makeup artists tend to be the best as not only have they considered the best waterproof mascara and mastered how to make makeup last from your walk down the aisle to your last kiss good night but they are also used to the runnings of the bridal morning and will know how exactly to keep you calm and relaxed, to allow you to sit back and enjoy the preparations!

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